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IMPACT in Liberia 
Stories of touching and transforming lives.

Gifts for the Children of Duahzon UMC

On Sunday January 9, 2022 volunteers with the IMPACT Institute worshiped at the Duahzon United Methodist Church in Lower Margibi county, Liberia. The volunteers from New Jersey, North Carolina, Texas, Maryland, and West Virginia, were joined by other volunteers in Liberia.

Dr. Rudy Bropleh preached at the service and Everane Bropleh had a little chit-chat with the children after worship. The volunteers then gave gifts to the children. The director of the Children's Ministry expressed her thanks to The IMPACT Institute (TII) for the visit and gifts. More than 100 gifts were given out.

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Donations at Jubilee School in Boys Town

In the afternoon of January 9, 2022, the IMPACT volunteers visited the Jubilee School in the Boys Town community in Margibi County, Liberia. A private school serving families way below the poverty line, the school runs primarily of donations as many of the parents cannot afford to pay their children’s tuition. The IMPACT Team was received with the usual courtesy, respect, and joyfulness that is typical of how guests are welcomed in the Liberian tradition.

The children were asked what they wanted to become when they grew up, and they shared eagerly their hopes of becoming a teacher, business owners, police, doctor, joining the military, amongst others.  Mrs. Hawa Collins, the founder and principal, expressed her gratitude on behalf of the students and staff. She said that although the economic conditions in the country were challenging, our visit inspires them to keep serving the children and their families.

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Visit to the Love-A-Child Orphanage and School

On Tuesday, January 11, 2022, IMPACT visited the Love-A-Child orphanage and school in the Bethesda Community in Montserrado County, Liberia. There are 301 children in the school with about 40 of them living onsite in the orphanage.  Dr. Rudy Bropleh, IMPACT’s CEO, expressed appreciation to the staff for the dedicated work they’re doing to prepare the children for a productive future. Appreciation bags were given to the teachers and staff, while the students received gifts, sporting goods, and personal supplies. We ran out of gifts to gave as the line of children seemed unending! Extra bags of office supplies, shoes, slippers, and clothing were given to the School, to be distributed with students and parents as they have need. Mrs. Wreh and another Administrator expressed thanks for the visit and donations made.

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Medical Supplies Donated to C.H. Rennie and JFK Hospitals in Liberia

On Friday, January 14, 2022 two donations were made to hospitals in Liberia. The C. H. Rennie hospital in Kakata City, Liberia—which was recently ravaged by fire—received boxes of medical supplies. Receiving the supplies were the Medical Director, Dr. Yarvoh Moore-Wilson, and the County Health Officer, Dr. Augustine Fannieh. They stated that the supplies were much needed, and expressed gratitude for the donation. Dr. Patience Mator, one of the Head Doctors at the JFK Medical Center, was very instrumental in helping us get the donation to the C. H. Rennie hospital. Many thanks to Dr. Mator.

Also, a 55lb bag of gauges were donated to the JFK hospital for use there. Dr. Mator received the donation saying, “We really need these at the hospital!”

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Walkthrough and Give-Away in the Garyah Community

Sunday January 16, 2022 saw a more personal kind of IMPACT to an underserved community in Garyah Town, Margibi County, Liberia. Everane Bropleh, assisted by two young adults—Serena and Frances—did a walkthrough the Garyah community. They went from house to house talking with families, and handed out gifts to children. Everane shared how moving it was to meet the folks, hear a bit of their stories, and see firsthand the challenges of their living conditions. She recalls how she saw “so many young pregnant mothers who were malnourished.” But as she shared in her FB post, “I had an amazing time in Liberia interacting with the neighborhood children…you put a smile on their faces.” Everane called this “the highlight” of her time in Liberia! Thanks to all the donors for their generosity and the IMPACT it had on the community.  

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