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IMPACT offered empowerment training to over 400 hundred residents of the New Kru Town Community.

Updated: Aug 16, 2023

The empowerment training covers:

1. Building Confidence & Self-Esteem for Success in Business & in Life. IMPACT’s CEO, Dr. Rudolph Bropleh, led this training. He provided tips for how to build confidence and self-esteem and showed how these things can help participants succeed in business and in life.

2. Healthcare, Sanitation, & a Productive Community. Ms. Harriett Sieh, a healthcare professional, led this training. As she did in West Point, Ms. Sieh taught about the importance of healthcare, sanitation, and how they can improve life within the home, the community, and within the greater society.

On Friday, June 30—the last day in New Kru Town, two more empowerment trainings were offered, as was done in West Point:

3. How to Build & Sustain a Small Business to Better Your Life. A young Liberian business owner, Mr. Davin Dowee led this exciting and engaging training. Mr. Dowee shared some practical tips on how to build and sustain a small business. He did an excellent job engaging the participants and speaking at their level. Dowee’s presentation was very relatable and it resonated well with the participants, as evidenced by their exciting engagement throughout the training.

4. Good Citizenship & an Empowered Community. Led by Dr. Rudolph Bropleh, CEO of The IMPACT Institute, this training engaged the audience, taught them their rights and responsibilities of good citizenship, and showed how these tenets enable an empowered community.

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Aug 22, 2023

Thanks a lot for the good work

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